Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Determination to Recover

One more essential of recovery emerged, and that is a determination to recover, no matter if it kills us in the process. It is that dogged determination that will get us through when the way becomes obscured, often through random noise and/or blind canyons, or those paths that lead nowhere or backwards to the old path, or to slippery slope, slip, slide, relapse through sliver to slice to slab to slob. It is bulldog determination that gets us past disappointments, setbacks, errors, misguided advise, emotional upsets, crushed expectations, thwarted desires, flat spots in our thinking and inaction, or overreaction.

The cause of overeating is often poor adjustment to life, resulting in a conditioned in habit, that first we must recognize, overcome the habit and then overcome the poor adjustment. That is not saying that the conditions that lead to poor adjustment do not still remain, or that there is a reasonable solution. Other factors, love (strongly liking) of food, unwilling to give up foods, conditioned hyper-eating, food addiction, eating disorders, chemical and behavioral addictions, and the like also play a role in overeating. Living in a food rich environment is one of the worst for us.

If we were concerned about something, and it was the inability to rationalize the solution with reality that was the problem, we can either rationalize the problem or just stop caring. When the PHD's cannot agree, what can us less trained underlings do? What is a proper diet? I do not know. Something like before man started to manufacture food for sure; before we started to control climate, to have year around fresh fruits, to concentrate flavors, and concentrate sugars.

It is bringing my will in line with reality that is the issue. Uninterested in doing anything is not a suitable attitude for retirement. Fully understanding the human weight regulation system is a noble undertaking with many potential pitfalls and wrong pathways, depending on where we start. Yet, we can say, without any doubt, that we like sugar better than satiation or satiety or hunger.

Be well. Breath, smile and enjoy what life has to offer. Ignore the remainder. Dao.  

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