Monday, December 2, 2013

Essentials of Recovery

Tuesday Dec 3, we will be having a group discussion meeting on the Essentials of Recovery, 7.30 at Tim Hortins, Ellerslie road and Parsons road.

Now to think about what is essential. To me, there is a realization that I need help, and the problem extends into life, and the causes of over consumption at the root level, anxiety, lack of direction in life. aka step 1.

There is a requirement to really beleive in a power outside of myself, even if that power is nature, and beleive strongly enough to say it is real.  There is the realization that nature will have its way, regardless. We can go along willingly or go along struggling. I have a choice, to follow "god's will" or to follow mine, or to bring my will inline with god's will and go peacefully into the unknown future. aka 2&3.

Reminds me of a story about a dog tied to a horse drawn cart.
The dog is obliged to go where ever the cart goes,
but he can go willingly or resisting.
We can chose within the length of our tether,
and we always live the consequences of our choice.
We have little choice in that.

And whether that cart go, there go I.

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