Thursday, December 5, 2013

Personality Change Reminder

The purpose of the program is to induce a personality change sufficient to bring about an end to overeating. It does not say anything about being a more pleasant personality, or better, or more personable, just sufficient to bring an end to the overeating.
Ref BB 569.

When we stop practicing the characteristic that contribute to the problem, like agreeing to consume sugar and acellular carbohydrate products (flours), seed oils (lubricants) , and other manufactured edible products, whether manufactured in a industrial or some grannies kitchen, we may step on others feelings. Oh well. They just want to pass out their form of love. Too bad. Those are simply not food to me. I will not consume them, regardless of what grannie thinks. (someones, not mine). Anyone pushing those do not have the best interest of me, or humanity in general, as their prime directive.

The prime directive is do not interfere with other species and cultures. I am of a no sugar, no acellular carbohydrate culture. These are not foods, but poisons, dose dependent poisons.

But what do I know? My belief system does not require that you beleive as I do. Be well, breath, smile and enjoy what life has to offer. Dao.  

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