Sunday, December 1, 2013

What can we expect from OA?

A newcomer asked what can they receive from OA?

The answer is not straightforward, but something like recovery. First they need to accept step 1 and step two, then step three and recovery can start.

But what does that mean. You need to recognise that you have a problem with food, and a living problem, namely that you are unable to follow or stay on a reasonable food program. Next you must come to beleive in a power outside yourself, even if that power is your human nature. You then must becoming willing to follow directions, that of the power outside yourself. Then you must do the work to follow the will of the power outside yourself.

Lets say that is a power we will call god. As an ignostic, I will define god as the natural forces of the universe, and of biology. I can chose to follow god's will or my own. Are cravings my will or god's? Mine? Ok, well what do I do?  If I beleive in this god, then I have little choice but to follow gods will. If I do not, then I can do as I please. It is that simple of choice; gods will or mine.

We obtain motivation by levering off our beliefs. If god is real, and we are willing to follow his will, then, logically, a reasonable food program should be followed.

God has become the sum of all natural forces acting on me. The evil persons suggesting that should eat are not "god's will" but the opposite, evil.

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