Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Virtue vs Sugar

Sugar and its components, taken separately, are evils. Sustained use causes obesity, diabetes, addiction, and other issues. That is a separate topic. Sugar, along with artificial sweeteners, cause a "need for sweetness" in our palate, which is one of the contributing factors to addiction. It causes a depletion in serotonin, the hope, happiness and optimism endorphin. Not good for many of us.

Now that we know that this evil chemical should not be within our food supply, how do we deal with drug dealers who push these noxious substances? Well one thing is to stay away from them. We boucot there producers in many forms. We can also express our disuse of those chemicals, even when some grannie "slaved over a hot stove" to produce them. "Sugar raises my blood glucose to dangerous levels and turns me into a real asshole.", and most stopped pushing.

Now how to deal with the sugar gifts? Throw it in the garbage. It is ethically wrong for me to give poison to other people, when I know it is a poison. That makes it ethically wrong, period. Refuse to take it, if I am out and it is pushed onto me. I have explain this to anyone who pushes it on me. Most only do it once.

It is the virtue of ethics that provides tranquility of not having to deal with issues repeatedly. But using ethics and virtues as a defence is an old stoic method. Oh well. Be well. Breath, smile, and enjoy what life has to offer is the minimum I need to do. Dao.    

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