Thursday, December 11, 2014

another skill deficient

The ability to separation of wrong information from right has become necessary in this information age. Wrong information is potentially more damaging than no information. So what stratagems exist for handing information?

Well, we were not trained anywhere that I have been for sorting of information. Engineering always used logic from "first principals" for the basic stuff and then dumped tones of unsourced stuff and a list of references that we not readily available. Minimalism may be the best method, believe nothing or very little. Religions, the first dream merchants, selling false hope and dreams of a wonderful future are not the way. The cultures are not correct, they produce a bunch of misfits. Stoicism, is good for what it is good for: With hold judgement on everything, I know nothing is a good place to start, but then what.

I do not know nothing. I think I should go shoot something at the range.    

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Wisewebwoman said...

I was encouraged in critical thinking at a young age which helped me to unravel and unravel and question everything.

Which can be good.

I still know so little but thirst for more.