Sunday, December 7, 2014


Destructive imagery and self-talk, awareness and refusal method. 

Aka cravings. First we need to become aware of these nasty little concepts that creep into our mind. They may come as images, or impulse to act, or thoughts, or smells, or sights. They are destructive, there is no mistake there. After we become aware to these rotten little bastards, smelly rats, we need to acquire an adequate impression of how rotten they are. They will not kill us, they are just unpleasant, vial concepts that wonder around in our brains. We can kill them dead with a big hammer or club. We need to minimize there effect, they are not awful, just unpleasant but strong, like a rat smell. Squash rat dead.  I am not entitled to live life without them, they exist and I accept that. I will even give him an name -Billcurtis. Someone who I would never say yes to, evil bastard. Get out of my life. I stomp on them with big foot, OK. end.

Note that we have an opportunity after we form an adequate impression to reject that adequate impression before we get to the evaluation or judgement stage. This could be a truly Stoic tool as well.  

Is this a skill that can infill the skill deficits list?
What do I know?

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