Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fear, Shame, Guilt got me thinking. Fear, shame and guilt are christian responses. Other religions do not have these. This suggests that the root cause is christianity. Go figure.

I lost all traces of those when I went eccentric (not concerned about what others think) and started to study and understand the Stoic philosophy. Shit happens, I need to tend to what is up to me first. What other think is up to them, and none of my concern.

We need to let young people grow up, and teach them many things not in the current curriculum. How to deal with stress or not to feel it in the first place. How to be free of worry, how to put fear into bullies. How to control our emotions, especially anger resentment, all those negative feelings. How to deal with academic work overload,  overbearing and controlling parents, or absent parents for that matter. They need to have the tools of life taught to them. Some will use them, some will not, oh well. But we will have done our part, and that is up to us.

Do not lie to the young, tell them the truth. We live on a big brutal rock, and we are just organic life forms without a natural purpose beyond eating and reproducing. We can pick any purpose we want, but to survive within society, we can choose to tow the cultural line, what ever that may be. Fish, cut bait or go away. It is that simple.

Yes, I am an eccentric asshole. But what do I know.

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