Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Skill Deficient

Do we suffer from a skill deficient? What the hell is a skill deficient?

Can we cope wit frustration?
Can we cope with niggling picky abrasive people?
Can we handle conflicting and wrong information?
Can we manage anger?
Can we manage resentments?
Can we handle stress, emotions, boredom, isolation, exhaustion, etc.

How is our relationship with time? Are we in the now or in the past or in the future?
Can we maintain a positive attitude?
Are we engaged with life?
Are we doing something with meaning for us?
How are our relationships or the lack thereof?
What have we achieved recently?

Are we living by our virtues or what we hold as virtues?
Are we living within our means, or are we digging ourselves a hole? Do we need to curb our wants, desires?

Up to us are our judgements. Desires, aversion, impulse to action, delusions, expectations follow directly from our judgements.

These are all skills that we can learn. Many are induced by our belief system. How about that folks?

But what do I know?

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