Monday, December 29, 2014

Belief Without Foundations

What happen a belief is overturned, we recognize it as false? (First I will say sorry to you English majors, this is bad english many ways). There is an saying about beliefs, "and thinking makes it so." And what if it just ain't so? What is the result of discovering that a foundation belief is not true, and all beliefs that build on that foundation belief are not true. Or they may be true, but not for the reason that we originally believed it. Just doing the right thing but for the wrong reasons. Oh well.

Consider all those reasons to be nice to others: Buddhist, they may be the soul of some dead relative (reincarnation), or Christian and Judish; all in god's image (requires a belief in god), Stoic, we are all related, part of the devine, for the common good of society. But now that we know there are 10% psychopaths, and most people do not care about us (narcissistic). Ultimately, it all falls from sanctity of life, golden rule, live and let live principals of most religions. (Not Islam, the non Islams, non sect are considered animals, according to many and the literal translation of the Quran ) Most people just want a quiet life, just like us. From this simple perspective, and likely enough to be part of our virtue. All the extraneous bullshit is just that.

It all come down to our hierarchy of values. What is our primary values? Perhaps a bit of gratitude, or spiritual safety or security, or virtues, or mental doing what is right, taking care of our spiritual health, followed by taking care of physical self, followed by concern for others. Or perhaps virtues, gratitude, taking care of spiritual self, followed by physical self, and then compassion for others. I am not sure, but something along those lines.

So what am I saying? How do we protect ourselves from mass bullshit that we see in media? If I can identify it as bullshit, I may be ok, but what about all those innocents that have not yet had the benefit of the education that I have had?

How about all the bad nutritional and weight loss information.

Fasting has long been a contentious issue. Now we have cleanses. So what is different between a cleanses and a fruit fast? Mainly the name, but it is not contentious. OK. A day of fasting or even two is likely good way to get insulin down and fat coming out of fat cells. Atkins Induction phase anyone?     

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