Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No God Religion

What would a No God religion (NGR) look like?

This is a complex and heady sort of question which can only have subjective answers. It has been approached by many in the past. The current guru is Alain De Botton in this area. But the more important question, is what would a no god religion teach?

First it would teach a rational, logic system of beliefs, a knowledge system as nothing needs to be just believed, that are common to most religion, or a consensus of beliefs that may be taken as facts with a bit of doubt. It would need to allow for a range of views on some subject, and always be ready to update views. It would allow for non-rational people, and those of us who are a mix of rational/nonrational. It would need to stay current with science, more or less. It would need to be a systematic work, and cover a great deal of material.

NGR would need to be rational yet cover non rational subjects. It would need to address the golden mean concept of characteristics and emotions. This golden mean is that too much of a good thing may not be good, that a desired characteristic has two opposite. Consider charity for example, too little is stingy, too much ends with us in the poor house, with (mother) haven given away everything. Charity also has two other sides, those that collect for charity, and pay themselves most of what is collected, and collecting for non existing charities. There are those who's primary reason for giving is narcissistic to make themselves feel better, those that give unwanted or inappropriate items, those who do it to reduce taxes, those who do it to build a reputation to counter what their employees think of them, or their customers who are being gouged. But then what is gouging? Does Bill Gates do it? Or is this an acceptable profit for the risk?

It will need a foundation on the sanctity of healthy life, and build from there. Notice, that I inserted healthy in there, I could have said flourishing, or some other adjective to eliminate those who the medical industry can keep alive to generate revenue but no quality of life. It is always at our option to leave at any time when conditions are extreme, and real.

It will need to teach at a lower level than Alain De Botton, so that the young, uninterested, and oppositional defiant either through resistance or existing belief can understand. I am not suggesting forcing adherence by any means, just to not confute the actual teaching or bury them in thousands of pages of irrelevant dribble like the christians. 


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