Monday, December 22, 2014

On Beliefs

It is not our beliefs that are important but what we do as a result of those beliefs. The concepts we hold as good and right are just concepts; it is our actions that effect others. Also our speech about our concepts; these can cause others to turn off, to run, to avoid, or to challenge us.

We can examine our beliefs four ways, internally for negative and positive effects, or externally for positive and negative. What do I mean? Lets consider four topic groups:
  1. Tact, empathy and compassion, -external, postive
  2. Anger, rage, revenge, -external, negative
  3. Worry, sorrow, and depression, -internal, negative
  4. Joyfulness, gratitude, pleasure, -internal, positive 
Now we can expand these group to cover any number of other emotions. This is not unlike the cost-benefit analysis, both ways, for and against something.

Now we have no right to force our beliefs on others and no right to shun those who do not believe as I do; however, I am under no obligation to hang out with them either. It is all about finding like minded individuals. There in lies the challenge of society, and special interest groups. 

In protected environments, I have no right to express my beliefs if they are not the common belief of the group. For example, in OA meetings, I cannot say that I am a food addict, even though that is the better description. I cannot say that a belief in god, and indeed, if or if not there is a god is irrelevant. It is all about following a food program, regardless of cravings, desires, habits, impulses, baiting, temptation, physical issues that cause craving, emotional issues, or food addiction. It is the doing of the action is all that is important. Inventories, relationships, history and the like may give some relief, but their main function may also be to produce busy work.  There is a line in the Bridge Over the River Kwai, with the meaning of "if they had not asked for a bridge, we would have need to build one anyway for morale.  These inventory processes may also help us to understand ourselves better, and have no bearing on the problem. We may stumble across a solution or two. But in OA, do not dare to describe a solution to a problem you solved, if someone is having that same problem... you will get attached. Oh well.

We also have no right to force our beliefs on others. That was the way I was raised. Believe this because I say so. It was all bullshit. I also note that a religion forcing their belief system on others is the cause of the current war in the middle east. (ISIL) my way or die. All of Islam has this view, however, some do not force the issue, else they would be more issues. I digress.

I have been enthusiastically persistently pursuing a cure and understanding of this over eating compulsion that I suffer from. The science and rational study of the problem has lead me away from the religious cult solution offer by OA, but it can work if you are a believer in and of a god.


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