Sunday, December 21, 2014


Gratitude may be the most important emotion, feeling to have on a frequent basis. We can only hold one emotion on top; gratitude would be a good one for us older people. Greed and need are fine for the young; they need to hurt a bit before they become willing to listen.

We can have gratitude first thing in the morning for waking at all, likely in a warm bed, in this country, where we are relatively safe and secure, even with those radicals Islams around, and other wild humans around. Oh well.

We can have gratitude for having time to read this, and all the development that has allowed such a system to develop before it needs to be so limited that it becomes secure. That time, I fear is coming, but it is not here yet. Rejoice. The days start getting longer now, spring is coming. We may get a few cold days first yet, spring is coming. We are half way there now. It is that six weeks psychological lag behind the true season that gratitude can get us through.

also Food Junkies is worth a read for more understanding of that part of this issue.


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