Sunday, October 14, 2012

Addict Personality

Does the addict have a group of personality characteristics?
  • Controlling...
  • Aggressive, my way or the highway... 
  • No compromise... I want whatever I want
  • I will do whatever to get it...
  • Anything in the way gets run over...
  • Anybody in the way gets trampled, ignored, abandoned, until the addiction is satisfied / passified for now, 
  • the addict is never satisfied for long
  • will do anything for their drug of choice 
  • is extremely wilful, to get their drug of choice 
Their ego protects the addiction. Note that ego is a creation of mind, primal level mind, and can be retrained out.

The drug of choice (doc) gets ahold onto the primary mind and takes charge to guard a source of its doc, and does what it needs to secure a long and steady supply. The doc takes control. 

We need to rassle control, and submit to a understanding program that keeps us clean, long term. No tasting, no "controlled intake", absolute abstinence. No social drinking, no social eating. 

To those who do not agree: You can believe what ever idiotic concept you believe, but leave me to my ideas, as I will you.

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