Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OA success

OA as a program works for those that want to work it. The program consists of:

  • a daily reset to a plan for just today
  • a decision to follow the plan for just today
  • the willingness to do the plan for today
  • faith in the plan for just today
  • a plan for the day
  • a review at the end of the day.
Some days the plan will include cleaning up our past, and figuring out how to do better in the future. Most of what we do is good enough. We done good. Pat ourselves on the back and go to sleep.   Some days we need to be the student, and some days the teacher. Some things we just need to step back from and let go by. No opinion necessary. No action necessary. No thought necessary. 

There are many ways to say this does not work, but logically, how can it not work if we have a reasonable plan, and the willingness to do it?

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