Tuesday, October 16, 2012


No sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, exorphins, endocannabinoids is a mouthful so I simply say No SGO6EE.

In a email comment Kim H said " Unlike many low-carbers I've read about or talked to, I can & do quite easily binge on low carb/High fat foods-especially grains or dairy artificially sweetened & nuts. So, if I want to be free of addictive food/eating behaviors I have to avoid artificial sweeteners, grains, nuts (except a very small amount), most starches (except in very small amts) "

Those foods listed are those two E's.    http://philosophyofweightmanagement.blogspot.ca/2012/09/endocannabinoid.html
We do not need appetite stimulus in our lives. We need to remove the chemically addicting foods from our diet, and then we can tackle the addictive behaviours. No AA ever becomes a social drinker; No OA can ever become a social eater.

This is why I think it is essential for us weight challenged people learn the chemistry of our food, rather then rely on other to tell us the real storey of what we should eat. Dietitians’are trained to be good little employees of food companies, not on how to train people to lose weight and keep it off. Once we become knowledgeable in food and a bit in human physiology, and psychology, the penny drops, we revert to Paleo-ish, meat, vegetables pre 1900 diet, and the problem, chemical addiction, goes away.

The obesity epidemic did not start in 1980, but about 1900, when sugar came into common use. By 1927, 50% of the ladies were 20 to 40 pounds heavier than they had been. Sneaky thing acellular carbohydrates. When they became really cheap, HFCS, in early 1980, then it really got out of hand.  

We may need to weigh food a bit to get right sized portions of meat and some vegetables, for a while, to calibrate our eyes to the new foods. But we just need to do that today, tomorrow you can decide if you need to or not.Three moderate meals each day, and Maffetone two week test is the way to start.http://philosophyofweightmanagement.blogspot.ca/p/facts-and-beliefs.html   

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Kim said...

Right on! I was wondering what SGO6EE was (: ...I've found what you are saying to be absolutely true for me on all accounts so far. Today I weigh, measure, record...but I've been doing it for a long time and I think I'm almost ready to trust what I know works for me. The weighing/counting/etc. is a safety net...if I don't get to the stage of recovery where I can give it up so be it...today it works.