Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No god OA

What would a no god OA look like?

Step two is the tough part to get around, but good orderly direction sort of works. It would require a commitment to some philosophy that sees a food program, a food philosophy if you like. I think that a Paleo like diet, or pre 1900 type diet with no wheat or no ground wheat, as unless you find organic grown, no fertilizer, heritage cultivars- or just no wheat.

Three moderate meals per day but the important part would be the work between meals is most important. Many of us use food as motivation or release to get through the parts of work we dislike. At least half of my work was stuff that I did not like, and now just decline to do.

But much of this is personal ethics, personal philosophy, and the psychology that we must use to get around it. Or is it a personnel philosophy that we must adopt. I am just not sure.

For me, the concepts of following a plan that places food in the proper prospective is simple, it is the doing that is difficult. Meals get large, and the temptation to snack is always present, as there is always food available here. It is a bitch of a situation, unable to empty the house of food, as I am not the only one who lives here. I guess the other choice is to remove myself from this environment.

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tess said...

that's one of those problems that make life a whole lot harder. :-( i would never have made the progress i have this year if my husband hadn't been away on business more than half of the time. it's just too hard to eat in an unconventional way when another person doesn't "play" too! i can maintain pretty easily when he's around, but losing is harder than all-get-out. when he retires (or changes jobs, so he lives at home like most people do), my strategies are going to have to change dramatically.