Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Routine

A daily thought routine, for today, also seem to help with eating control, or more correctly non-control. Of late, I have been trying to answer three questions, each with several parts. The questions are still morfing, but as they stand now:

  1. Am I willing to be in recovery today?
  2. Am I willing to do what is necessary for recovery today?
  3. What is the plan for today?

Today is, just for today, it takes away future and past. It is the only part that I can work with. 

Question 1 is just about willingness, for without willingness to recover, not much happens. Willingness without action is like faith without works, dead. I need to be willing to do what needs to be done for recovery first, and then a bit of work, and other things but that is just for today. Recover becomes the first priority, for without, nothing else will go on for long.

The plan for today, is something I need to have in my mind, No SGO6EE, 311, plus a few reviews during the day, and what ever else needs to be done that day. 

For years I showed up to work knowing only what was the first thing that I was doing, but often solid clue where I would sleep tonight. I learned to live like that for most of twenty years. Planning ahead was always short term, with some distance items. This is the same thing, just for today.

Review is essential to keep one's self in line. But that to, is just for today. Living in day tight compartments, unit of time, helps. 


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FredT said...

Kim H said
Fred- I took a look at the oathursnight blog, very nice. I was a member of OA for several years back in the mid 80's (I worked in Chemical Dependency Treatment for many years and was very comfortable with the 12 Step community)...tried to go back a few times in the past few years & haven't been able/willing to reconnect at that level I guess. I like the idea of a daily thought routine.
I think my 3 questions for today are:
1. Am I willing to be in recovery today (i.e. abstinent/eat only the foods that I know are safe for me)? And, if I'm not willing...am I willing to become willing?
2. Am I willing to do what is necessary to be in recovery today i.e. use my tools (plan ahead, HALT, Meditation & EFT)?
3. What is the plan for today/am I willing to stick to it? (if not, see #1)
Good reminders, thanks!
About me: I have struggled with my weight and food since I was in grade school-my whole life has been about trying to understand and heal this and I'm almost 53 now! Finally I found a way of eating (LCHF) that reduces a lot of my cravings and addictive behaviors with food-but not ALL of them! Unlike many low-carbers I've read about or talked to, I can & do quite easily binge on low carb/High fat foods-especially grains or dairy artificially sweetened & nuts. So, if I want to be free of addictive food/eating behaviors I have to avoid artificial sweeteners, grains, nuts (except a very small amount), most starches (except in very small amts), etc.
I am now trying to move away from the obession with weight-loss and diet and just live in the NOW of one day at a time eating what I know is safe- I'd like to not have to keep food logs, weigh & measure everything, count calories & carbs...I'd like to have something else in my head besides food & eating & weight....but after a life-time that's not feeling too safe yet.
I look forward to reading more on your blogs-