Tuesday, October 23, 2012

addiction to exorphins

First, there are two separate parts, one chemical and one behavioural. Deal with the chemical part first, and then look up Schwartz and deal with the behavioural part using both the program and what else may be necessary after dealing with the chemical part.

It call comes down to exorphins verses endorphins. Foods that provide exorphins flood our brains with them, and we are not comfortable with the few endorphins we produce. We need to become accustom to living with the few endorphins we produce. The only way is to be totally abstinent (or very low) of foods containing exorphins. To become a "social" eater allowing exorphins to remain in the diet is near hopeless, like becoming a social drinker out of an alcoholic.

The 12 step help those who want to be helped. Few of those who walk through the doors the first time want to be helped. Many are doctor, employer, wife/husband, socially- mandated. Until we honestly want to be helped and become willing to clean up our lives, the program is just a place to get our ticket punched.

The program is useful for recognizing that we have a problem, and understanding that there is a solution. Many of the young members have psychological and philosophical issues that need to be addressed. The programs can be a wonderful resource once the newcomer loses the belligerent attitude so many come in with, and become teachable. Until then, the old members will not waste there time on explaining much to overcharged egos, so you have not entered the program. What is the failure rate of those who have truly entered the program? Many know they have one more relapse in them, but we are not sure that we have one more recovery.

The program was there for me when there was nothing else, and we are there for those who want the program. Those that do not want it are just noise, wind in the trees. There is wind coming from inside the program as well.

Willing to do what is necessary is the first part for recovery. Becoming teachable and learning to either follow a food program or learn to build a food program free of exorphins is esential.
Be aware that many of the existing food programs contain exorphins, as the exorphin issue is not well understood.  For me, it is easier to cut out all exorphins. More can be found at my food website http://philosophyofweightmanagement.blogspot.ca/.

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