Monday, October 29, 2012

Morning Prayer

What is morning prayer? To me this is tough without a god, or knowing god is just a concept. We need to know where we are going short term. Morning prayer is a time to set out today's plan, nothing more.

Am I willing to recover, am I willing to what is necessary, (No SGO6EE, 301+1 or 311)? Am I willing to all those other things, exercise, work (what ever that is as a semi-retired person)? Do I have a plan for today, that complies with my values of what I think future life of this species will look like? What will future community look like long term?

We are living as society and growth is expanding. This is a time of excess for some, of food, of choice, of growth, of prosperity. This too will end. What will our future society look like? I think, first a time of wearing out the existing assets, then a relearning of gardening, subsistence farming, understanding the human psyche  as never before in the general population, understanding what drives us. We are evolving.

The authentic self is a concept that somewhere inside us is a true self, what we really are, and there is a growing movement to find that self. Buddha found himself, and laid out one path. Many other have laid out what they think is the path, even the christian and moors have a concept of a path to the future, but have no ability to express where they are going in modern terms. For those of us who have grown up in modern times, out grown religion, we need a clear concept of what we need to evolve into to survive, without being excessively wordy. We need to understand the best of what we have, recognise the limitations, shortcomings, and move forward as individuals and as a collective.

Meditation, time set aside for quite thinking, clearing the mind of other thoughts, and practice controlling our own mind is a wonderful thing. Learning to take a few minutes at a time of non-thinking, which usually is really thinking about only one thing, is wonderful, intense  and insightful process. Some people like visualization, others like listening to music, or some other distraction. Exercises, to some also does the same thing, at the same time, strengths the mind housing organelle. Yes, I do suggest that the mind is the ultimate next phase of evolution. It will be all about concepts, and learning.

I will also suggest that we humans will go through a process of belief and value changes. A godless "religion", in the form of good laws, behaviours will be codified and taught to the young, who then can progress without the need of unlearning and relearning, that so many of us have had to do. We got sidetracked with greed philosophy, but the reality is we need to live in the society in which we live in, the community of our peers per-say. So we as a species, need to evolve to something more. At the same time, we need to keep the pressure on all the individuals to continue to evolve to grow, and how do we do this, to me, is unknown. At the same time, wasting resources on those who do not demonstrate the capacity to develop or the desire to devlope is just foolish. But this is often an attitude, and when the attitude changes, development happens. Desire and willingness to do are powerful agent of change.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.


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