Monday, October 8, 2012


Willingness is necessary for any change.
Do we (I) have the willingness to recover?
Do we (I) have the willingness to change?
Am I willing to do what is necessary to recover?
Am I willing to follow the food program?

Is this whole obesity epidemic the result of "self will run riot." A whole generation of doing what we want. We can do what ever we set our minds to, according to Norman V. Peale. and perhaps the whole obesity epidemic is just the natural result of such philosophy combined with abundance.

added later

Is the program, that is living under the direction of something we have no control over, ie. a concept, the answer to all our problems? Or is it just a convenient way to ignore all the pressing issues and carrying on, oblivious to the problems? That is living in a parallel universe, for the trek fans. And if it is just a way to ignore our problems,  is that so bad? We just carry on anyway. We can spend our days thinking and stewing, but their is no solution and it is beyond our control, beyond our responsibility, and possible beyond our ability to solve anyway.

We could go explore consciousness if we like. Eckhart Tolle has made that his life's work.  Micheal Brown found it was his solution to living in reality, rather than deal with the work-a-day world. There is the guy living out in Arizona that does not use money, in idealistic driven work, ignoring supporting other. Buddha, having produced a heir and a spare, went out and explored the human mind. We can do the same, without even changing our life a great deal. We just need to detach from our old thinking and do the next right thing, what ever that is. It may be to go to bed and sleep in the evening. Or read, write, paint, clean, or whatever. Or perhaps visit with others, in person, or via electronic means. We have many choices. Eating is just not one of those choices, and in my case, perhaps TV must also go.

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