Thursday, October 25, 2012


The OA+ program is a willing commitment to follow spiritual principals. One of these principals is a reasonable food program, which I now define as No SGO6EE, 311+1. These spiritual principals rank up in priority close to ethics or any other higher values, noble motives, or similar ethical principle.

Note that upholding this principal is not possible for me without abstinent from SGO6EE. Without avoiding those, I become a craving being  and cannot abstain for long. It is circular illogical argument, but true.

Cleaning of the remainder of defects is a life long process. Some of these defects are self inflicted, and are not really defects, but weaknesses. It is just self improvement in areas which before now, did not matter. I can still become vicious when annoyed. I still have reluctance to talk to others. I still insist on freedom of will to follow or not.

Ultimately, it is all dependent on if I am willing to recover today, am I willing to do what is necessary today.

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