Saturday, October 20, 2012

Struggling with the Program

Today, I am struggling, not with food or willingness to follow, but Our Invitation to You. I do not agree with "the reasons for the illness are unimportant" The illness is in question, but I do not have a better word.  But the major concern is the whole concept that "the reasons are unimportant" I know the reasons now, exorphins in the food supply. Knowing what to eliminate, how it actual works, make it so much more palatable. I am powerless over exorphins, and my life is unmanageable in this respect.

It is willingness to not intake these that is the first key step in recovery. Just for today helps. But knowing a clear reason for this issue that I have with food make the logic so much simpler. It is easy, If I want to be a normal weight, I must have the willingness to not intake. In the words of an old fellow, If you pray for potatoes, you must be willing to pick up the hoe.

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Kim said...

I tend to agree- for me, understanding the reason I'm avoiding a particular food/substance or behavior is very important for me to be able to make the sacrifice and committment to adhere to my plan. I suppose when less was understood about the biochemistry of addictions (i.e. when the 12 step programs were born) it was important to at least offer a solution. I seen folks who get caught up in and distracted by finding the cause and never get into recovery. Then too, I've watched many people enter a 12 step recovery program and start working it successfully. Eventually many of those folks go beyond the first 12 steps to higher levels of understanding and personal growth, often leaving the programs altogether-while others stay happily (apparently) at the early stages of recovery for years & even decades and that seems to be enough for them. I guess it just depends on how you roll and what works for you.