Thursday, October 18, 2012

No god, draft of the process

English. Not good some days. Bah. Humbug.

1. Accept that willingness to recovery, to commit to the process of recovery, willingness to commit to work required, that is willingness to recover and is part of step one of recovery. If not recovery, then development.

2. Acceptance that we have a problem, specifically with SGO6EE, and/or the compulsion to eat is a big issue. SGO6EE are chemically addicting for some people. We, the addicted, may be just the extreme of the bell curve, the leading edge of the curve of the population in this respect.

3. Acceptance that we are unable to manage, control, the food and eating in our lives, and that we need to set up and follow a plan of eating, to get out of this issue of overeating/obesity is essential. This is "our live are unmanageable" in respect to food part of the program. We acknowledge that the following is the difficult part, but it is easier once we get the SGO6EE our of our lives.

4. We need to learn new concepts of stress release, emotional release. These are new to us concepts, philosophy's, psychological methods, of changing our thinking, to engineer an end to the problem. We need to learn about food, and the chemical processes that drive us. We need to learn concepts of dealing with the irrational, emotional, and sick people that we are attached to in our lives. We need to learn how to just eat our planned food in the midst of this ever present banquet of tasty and poisonous foods. We need to be able to get the message of no SGO6EE to those who do not want to here, the control freak that pushes sugar. We need to learn to keep ourselves on that narrow track.

5. God believing people use gods. We non god people must appeal our higher nature, our belief system, our more evolved minds, our logical thinking process, our Vulcan nature. We may need to develop this part of us more to become stronger that the addiction. Fixity of conviction may be required even before we have the proof.

6. We must let go of ego, for it was created by our mind as a defence method for the young, to help them develop quickly to what they have become, but when they have time and want to develop past what they were, we must let go of ego, and use only logic.

7. We need to learn the concepts of those who have gone before and create new concepts where required. Life lessons, about what they tried, what worked, what did not. What we think, and the whole process of thinking, of developing thoughts, testing thoughts, and adopting those that work for us. This is the equivalent to spiritual development, but without the god as the basis.

8. God may have brought us as far as he can in our ongoing human evolution, and it is now time to go it on our own, or start to learn the concepts required to go it on our one in a humble way as a population. An individual has always been able to strike out and that is the next step in evolution, but to bring society along with us, and fix our human created problems of excess, is a noble effort, I think.

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Kim said...

Some interesting ideas, to be sure. I'm not sure I totally get the "no god oa" thing, but here are some thoughts on some of what I think I hear you saying:

1. I become willing to commit to the daily work of my recovery, growth and development.

2. I accept that I have a problem with specific food substances (SGO6EE) that trigger compulsive and addictive responses in my body and brain.

3. I admit that I am powerless over the way my body/brain responds to those foods and if I choose to ingest them my eating and how my body will respond in a way that will make my eating & weight & health utterly unmageable.
4. I am willing to turn my eating over to a food plan/program that I know is safe/non-addictive for me.
5. I am willing to commit to learning about my disease because understanding helps me stay committed to doing the work of my recovery. Knowledge is power.
6. I am willing to learn new behaviors to manage the stress and emotional turmoil (as well as the joy and challenges) of being human and living with other humans.
7. I am willing to share my experience, strength and hope with those who still suffer...hoping that along the way some will join me in this on-going one-day-at-a-time way of life.
8. For me I'm not sure about the no god thing because I am not a "non-god person",though I'm not religious either,I sort of believe that our higher nature is part of "God" and I really like the concept of "god as you understand god".
9. Ego is the "mind-made-me". when I am spending time each day in silent breathing-type meditation it is much easier to let go of the MMM/ego...then I'm just in life in the moment, I guess, and I respond to stress and other human's in a way that is less likely to need food/eating to cope. But I have a long way to go.

FredT said...

We all have the rest of our life to go. This is my first time through life, at least that I recall,(;-, so I am still learning. I tried to believe in a god, but I cannot. Then I read Eckhart Tolle...

Kim said...

I am a huge fan of Eckart Tolle (:
I was a very religious (christian) until age I'd say my beliefs are more mushy, meta-physical & zennish, was my involvement in 12 step communities that opened my mind and helped me move beyond my concrete, fundamental belief system many moons ago...but even "god as I understand god" doesn't really fit for me anymore. It makes me happy to think the purpose to my being here has something to do with learning and growing and evolving my soul. If not, I think I won't be any worse off in the end for having believed it.