Sunday, October 7, 2012


Fixity of attitude is all about how rigidly we maintain a specific attitude and what that attitude is. Thanksgiving may be a time of gratitude to the season, the year, the harvest, if we know what harvest is, but for some of us, we need to maintain that attitude all year, for our survival.

Some people are happy bubbly very pleasant high social air heads. Nice to be around, but of no use when the going gets tough, and unable to provide a understand of their handling a substantial problem to other. In there make up, there is no problem. Others of us have a problem, we know we have a problem, and are looking for a solution. We hang around with people who are working toward a solution, and those who have found there solutions, hoping some of it will rub off. For that, and those, I am grateful.

It occurs to me that the "I am right, you are wrong" attitude is the bases of this. Ego preservation, a defence method, may be part of this. But ego is a construct of the mind, which it not us ether, but is the reflection of what we have been told, our learning, ancestors, and similar. It is the entrenched learned, survival primal instinct, that drives us forward. Something else to inventory and review.

Today, Canadian Thanksgivings Sunday, could be a day of gratitude and reflection, but then every day should contain some elements of that. It could be many things, or just another day.


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